Sakunami Small Exploration

This is a small article meant as a personal journal as I couldn’t wait to write something in between the longer, heavier articles. As an avid explorer I am keen to go to places not exactly widely known. One day my usual exploring buddies showed a hand-drawn map of Sakunami, an area not far from Sendai, and pointed to an intriguing place in the map — no 10 ‘Futatsu-iwa’. It looked like a rock split into two in the middle of a river.

Sakunami Area Map.

Driven by our curiosity we held a trip to Sakunami via Senzan Line train. After alighting in Sakunami Station, we decided to walk towards the direction of Sakunami Onsen (or ‘Sakunami Spa’ as the official map calls it) to Yugami Shrine (no 11 in the map) as it seems to be the starting point for exploration. It was already quite chilly even though technically it was still summertime.

As we reached the shrine and looked around for that bloody path to the rock we began to realize that basing our direction on a hand-drawn map seemed not to be the brightest idea. We spent almost half an our making second guesses before we whipped out our smartphones and began using Google Maps (stubborn I know, but I do like spontaneous trip without checking direction constantly).

Yugami Shrine.

At last we found a clue. The path actually lies behind the shrine itself as the river we were supposed to find is located north from the shrine. One problem though. There was a ‘do not enter’ sign, of which we obeyed given our stance as respectable persons. As simple as that :)

Going through the path felt like a normal nature trekking around Sendai, such as the one in Omoshiro-yama.  The sound of the the water flowing, the sound of the insects, the sound of the wind blowing between the leaves. Great atmosphere. But then the just-started exploration had to come to an abrupt end. You see, following the trail along the river has brought us to a huge moldy boulder in the middle of the stream. As we checked the boulder we found out that it was actually two crags jutting out from the ground as if one gigantic rock split into two. And it hit us. The supposedly intriguing ‘futatsu-iwa’ is none other than the rocks we found halfway.

Pretty disappointing as we expected to find the target location further inside the woods, not a mere few hundred meters from the entry point! But then we didn’t want to stop just there yet. We pressed on to see where the path would end and discovered many small streams created by the river, perfect for long exposure shots.

The creek at the end of the trail.

So we set our cameras to capture the scenery and the rest is history. In the end, as you could see from the photos here, we spent more time admiring the river itself (and taking pictures) than actually walking around. It was great though, because nothing beats being surrounded by nature.

Loved the curvy streams here… awesome!

With that, my journal ends here. Until next exploration.

Sakunami, September 2017.

Access information From Sendai:

From Sendai Station take JR Senzan line to Sakunami Station. You can either take the onsen bus or walk to Yugami Shrine, then explore!

While you were in Sakunami, don’t forget to try the onsen here. I personally have been to Hotel Ichinobou twice. Their onsen is great and they got free ice cream after bath.

Useful websites Sakunami Spa Website (Japanese)

Click here



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