The idea of writing a blog is not a new thing for me. In the past I have had another blog written in Japanese. It was originally meant as an assignment during my Japanese course in Malaysia, in which I had to record any activities I have done so far to improve my language skill. Although it was quite fun to do, the notion of ‘writing is hard’ crossed my mind so many times that in the end I kind of abandoned the effort to maintaining that blog. Of course, the difficulty in writing in foreign language also played a factor here. I was not able to express my thoughts and opinions as I wanted to do, and as time went by, ultimately I came across a question: what is the current purpose of that blog?

I came to realize that there are restraints on what I can do with that blog. To begin with, it was just like an online diary where I wrote my everyday experience or what I had in mind. Sure it will stay there, but it will not be going anywhere. It is stationary, unchanging, unable to grow bigger. It has served its purpose. In addition, it is written in Japanese, severely limiting the number of audience I could reach.

So when lately I traveled quite a lot in Japan, I saw that I really wanted to make another blog about things that are of interest to me at the moment, travel and of course, photography. I sort of desired to make do photo-journalism. I wanted to show my pictures and the same time tell stories related to them. I wanted my own personalized experience poured into words.

Then the moment has came when I found out a friend of mine, Annisa, is writing a blog about travel. And it became clear to me. This is the time to start a new blog that encompasses all the things I care about. This is the time to show how I have come so far and expect more hereafter. And this time I’d like do it in English in a proper, professional manner.

This blog is the fruition of that intent. May it serve the purpose well.

Jerfareza Daviano

Sendai, Japan 2016


4 thoughts on “Foreword

    1. Hi Peter, thanks for the kind comment. I’m glad you find this blog useful to plan your trip. Even for me Tohoku is way too big to cover in such a short span of time. I hope you do enjoy your trip in the future! ;)


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